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The faculty and staff at King’s Fork would like to welcome you to your school.  We are all dedicated to providing your student with a rewarding and enriching academic experience.  The success of your student begins at home.  We would like to thank our parents and guardians for encouraging good study habits,  good sleep habits,  appropriate behavior and regular attendance.  We further encourage you to remain involved in your student’s academic success throughout high school.  Toward that end, below is a list of faculty members, by department.    Please feel free to contact your student’s teacher with any concerns, questions or praise about an assignment.  We look forward to partnering with each of you in making our student body successful, productive members of society.  Every day is a great day to be a BULLDOG!

How Can Parents Email Their Child’s Teacher?

  • The email addresses of a child’s teachers are available to parents in Home Access Center (HAC).
  • Click here to open the Home Access Center (HAC) info page.
  • Signing up for a Home Access Center (HAC) account provides valuable information to families. It shares grades, email addresses, schedules, attendance, transcripts and state test scores. Parents can also update their own email address and phone numbers on HAC so teachers can also reach them.


Ms. Ashley Josshua - English 10,  English 11, Honors English 11
Ms. Kerri Wyman - Pre IB English 9, English 9
Ms. Caroline Lamagna - IB English 12, IB English 11, Creative Writing
Ms. Shelby Webster - English 9, English 10
Ms. Kimblyn Moore- English 9, Honors English 9, Honors English 12, Public Speaking
Ms. Sasha Palomata - English 9, English 11
Ms. Christina Gordon- English 9, English 11
Ms. Reanna Langert - English 10, Theatre Arts
Ms. A. Sarpy - Honors English 10, Pre-IB English 10, AP Language
Mr. Michael Sichok - English 12
Ms. Chirlene Mitchell- English 12, Honors English 12
Ms. Monica Smith - English 9, Honors English 9
Ms. Ogelynn Taloute - English 10, Honors English 10
Mr. Jon Baisden - English 10, Honors English 10


Ms. Jacqueline Eberly -  VA/US History, H. VA/US History, Government
Ms. Brittney Collins - World History II, VA/US History, AP US History
Mr. Matthew Fike - VA/US History, Government, Honors Govt.
Mr. Jeffrey Fawcett - World History II, Honors World History II
Ms. Amanda Hadgraft  - IB World History I, IB Psychology 11, 12;  H. World Hist. I
Ms. Sarah Hershey - World History II, AP World History
Mr. James Devore - Government, Sociology
Ms. Shameka Council - World History I, H. World History I
Ms. Carlotta Boone - World History I, African-American Studies
Ms. Allison White - AP Government, IB History 11, IB History 12
Ms. Candace Corrente - World History I, VA/US History
Ms. Tamika Blunt- World History I, AP Psychology


Ms. Michaela Ricks-Johnson - Biology, Ecology
Mrs. Tonya Bangley- Biology, IB Biology
Mrs. Amanda Griffin - Chemistry
Mrs. Sharon Criner - Pre IB Chemistry, IB Chemistry 11 &12
Mr. Steve Marshall - Oceanography
Mr. Dwight Buchholz - IB Biology, Biology
Mrs. Ann Bailey - Earth Science
Ms. Pamela Wilson - Environmental Science
Ms. Kristy Suttle - Earth Science
Ms. Melissa Liddle - Biology, Anatomy & Physiology
Ms. Sharnice Williams - Biology, Honors Biology
Mr. Kenneth Workman - Physics, Honors Chemistry


Ms. Sandra Fennell – Algebra I Part 2, Algebra II
Mr. William Ford – Geometry, Pre-Diploma/Honors Geometry
Ms. Kivondra Gibson – Algebra I, Computer Science Foundations
Mr. Scott Graham – Geometry, IB Mathematics Analysis and Approaches 11 & 12, DC Precalculus
Ms. Amanda Graven – Geometry, Pre-Diploma/Honors Algebra II, Math Analysis
Ms. Tenisha Harris – Algebra I Part 1, Geometry
Ms. Alisa Joseph – Algebra I Part 2, Algebra I
Ms. Eszter Muranyi – Algebra II, IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretations 11 & 12
Mr. Andrew Pancoast – Geometry, Discrete Math
Mr. John Payton – Probability and Statistics, Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry
Ms. Hannah Pendleton – Geometry, Honors Geometry
Ms. Shirley Proctor – Algebra I Part 1, Algebra Functions and Data Analysis    

Foreign Language

Ms. Kimberly Seavey - French 1, French 2, IB French 4, IB French 5
Ms. Dolores Vega - Pre-IB Spanish 3, IB Spanish 4, IB Spanish 5
new staff - Sign Language 1, Sign Language 2, Sign Language 3
Mr. Anthony Myers - Spanish 2, Spanish 3
Ms. Zoe Kilduff - Spanish 2, Pre IB Spanish 2
Ms. Christina Havlin - French 2,  French 3, Pre-IB French 2, Pre-IB French 3, 
Mr. Rainard Gaines - Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Ms. Katia Grillo - Spanish 1, Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 4/5

Physical Education

Mr. Richard Froemel - PE 10, Advanced PE, Adaptive PE
Ms. Jazmyne Johnson- PE 9
Ms. Teknika Holloman- PE 9, Advanced PE
Mr. Ryan Dickens- PE 9
Mr. Joshua Worrell - PE 10
Ms. Samantha Erwin- PE 10

Career & Technical Education

Mrs. Caitlin Joyner - Agriculture
Ms. Sharon D. Copeland - Economics & Personal Finance, Computer Information Systems
Ms. Cynthia Crandol - Education for Employment 1, 2, EPF
Ms. Brandy Allen - Marketing, Adv. Marketing, Dig. Marketing
Ms. Autumn Heart- Fashion Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Ms. Kira Lowe - Basic Technical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Engineering Drawing, Digital Visualization
Ms. Gwendolyn Wilson -  Independent Living, Introduction to Fashion
Ms. Emily Cross- Economics & Personal Finance
Mr. San Antonio Crosby - Basic Technical Drawing, Communication Systems, Tech Foundations
Ms. Angela Bell - Grad Coach, Virtual Virginia
Ms. Rennee Townsend- Economics & Personal Finance, Business Management, Digital Applications
Ms. Jennifer Chavez - Nutrition & Wellness, Independent Living
Mr. Todd Gidley - Tech Foundations, Tech Transfer
Mr. Andrae Riddick- Credit Recovery/Alternative Education
Ms. Tawanna Bernard - EPF, Digital Applications

Fine Arts

Ms. Alicia Johnson - Art 1, 2, 3, 4
Ms. Sara Jordan - Orchestra, IB Music
Mr. James Harris - Chorus
Mr. Bernard Bradley- Band
Ms. Sarah Patton- Art 1,  IB Art 11/12

IB Coordinator

Ms. Shawn Barnard

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)

 - Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
MSgt Rodney Chatman - Aerospace Science Instructor

Special Education
Ms. Joyce Baker
Ms. Toni Edwards
Ms. Aimee DeBusk
Ms. Deborah Mundy
Ms. Renee Parks
Ms. Sarah Porter
Ms. Jodi Zila 
Ms. Vonda Outlaw
Ms. Lisa Geyer
Ms. Alveta Armstrong
Ms. Nancy Lewis
Ms. Lori Wilson
Ms. Chaquita Kindred
Mrs. Christy Baisden
Ms. Vernise Hyman
Ms. Johanna Morse
Ms. Keneisha Johnson
Mr. Anthony Joffrion
Ms. Malaika Wainwright


Mrs. Cassandra Requizo - Guidance Director

Ms. Kathy Routten - (Class of 2021) 12th Grade
Mr. Bruce Baxter - (Class of 2022) 11th Grade
Ms. Alicia Hurdle - (Class of 2023) 10th Grade
Mrs Renea Coley - (Class of 2024) 9th Grade and IB students

Library/Media Specialists

Ms. Bonnie Wagner
Ms. Amy Callis

School Nurse

Mrs. Heather Loushe

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