State Basketball Information

State Basketball Information
Posted on 03/08/2022

1.      The requiring of masks for all fans

a.      We are fortunate to have the kind of working relationship with VCU that allows our student athletes to contest these games at a big-time venue.  There are instances when these facilities require us to follow certain athletic and university rules which may not be consistent with our school requirements.  This year VCU is requiring masking of all fans consistent with their 2021-2022 VCU game policy.  It reads, “Per university policy, fans are required to wear a face mask while attending games at VCU Athletic facilities at all times, except when actively eating or drinking in their seats.  Fans will not be permitted to enter games without a face mask.”


b.      VCU staff will be responsible for monitoring the mask policy and failure to follow their directives will likely lead to removal from the facility.


2.      Ticketing

a.      All ticketing will be on-line through the VCU ticketing process.  WE WILL NOT be using Go-Fan for these games.

b.      The link to provide those who need access is: VHSL State Championships or they may visit the VCU Athletic site at



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