KFHS Students Attend Girls State

Dymonasia Williams and Celina HarrisThird Baptist Church, located in Portsmouth, Va, provided Dymonasia Williams an opportunity to attend Girls State. Girls State is a program offered by the Women’s Auxiliary of the American Legion. Dymonasia aspires to become a lawyer and is aware of the         influence politics has on the development of laws. Candidates should be keenly interested in government and current events, and   show strong leadership abilities. The week introduces young women to the political process by electing officials for all levels of     state  government and actively running a mock government. The girls are assigned to mock cities within mock states during the   process. Dymonasia ran for Governor of "her state" and made it to the third round. She spoke at the Women's Auxiliary Meeting on   11.20.22.

  Celina Harris also attended Girls State.  She states, "Girls State was a really rewarding experience for me. I was elected Mayor of    my city, and that allowed me to bond with my whole city, and the mayors of the other cities too. We all got to meet with real Virginia   Delegates, who ate lunch with us, to learn more about the legislative process. Seeing women like myself speak so clearly about   what's passionate to them was really empowering, and it made me excited for the next generation of female leaders. I made   lifelong friendships and learned so much, and I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity."