The Roaring 20's - A Lesson in Living "Large"

The Roaring 20's - A Lesson in Living "Large"
Posted on 02/05/2020

Merriam-Webster defines "living large"  like this...
live large


Definition of live large


US slang
to live like a very wealthy and successful persona star who is living large
The students in Mrs. Corrente's Virginia/US History classes began class with the question. What does it mean to "live large"? What could happen if you live "too large"? After discussing the questions the students came to the conclusion that people will go broke. (Which is what happened in reality)
Class discussion followed about the how the popular culture changed society in the 1920's and how people's views began to change. Mass media played a major role in influencing people's purchases. Women, flappers, had challenged the traditional role of women and were a symbol for women's rights in that decade.

Students completed a reading about the Roaring Twenties.  Then they transitioned into the activity.  Gentlemen made ties, ladies made head pieces.  Both days, Mrs. Corrente modeled 20's attire for the students.

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