The faculty and staff at King’s Fork would like to welcome you to your school.  We are all dedicated to providing your student with a rewarding and enriching academic experience.   The success of your student begins at home.   We would like to thank our parents and guardians for encouraging good study habits,  good sleep habits,  appropriate behavior and regular attendance.   We further encourage you to remain involved in your student’s academic success throughout high school.   Toward that end,  below is a list of faculty members,  by department.    Please feel free to contact your student’s teacher with any concerns,  questions or praise about an assignment.   We look forward to partnering with each of you in making our student body successful, productive members of society.   Every day is a great day to be a BULLDOG!


Ms. C. Van der Linden – English 10, 11
Ms. S. Bond – Pre IB English 9, Honors English 9
Ms. C. Lamanga – English 12, Honors English 12, Creative Writing
– English 11, Honors English 11
Ms. R. Hooven – English 9, Honors English 9
Ms. B. Langford – English 11, English 12
Mr. E. Williams- English 10, Honors English 10
– IB English 11, IB English 12, AP Literature
– Honors English 10, Pre-IB English 10, AP Language
Mr. M. Sichok – English 12, Journalism
Ms. N. Slack – English 9, English 11
Ms. M. Smith – English 9
Ms. F. Winchester – English 10, Honors English 10, English 12
– English 10, Theatre Arts


Ms. J. Eberly – VA/US History
Ms. B. Collins – World History I, AP US History
Mr. M. Fike – Government, AP Government, Honors Govt.
Mr. J. Fowler – VA/US History
Ms. Carmelitano  – IB World History I, IB Psychology
Ms. Hershey – World History II, Honors World History II
– Government, Sociology
– Honors World History II, World History II, Government
Ms. M. Jackson – World History I, Honors World History I
PDCCC Professor – DC Psychology
Mr. S. White – Pre-IB AP Government, IB History 11, IB History 12, Theory of Knowledge
Mr. G. Yagiello – World History I, Honors World History I


Mrs. S. Story – AP Biology, IB Biology 11, IB Biology 12, TOK
                            – Biology, IB Environmental Systems, Ecology
                             – Biology, Honors Biology
Mrs. T. Bangley- Ecology, Biology
Mrs. A. Griffin – Chemistry
Mrs. S. Criner – Honors Chemistry, Pre IB Chemistry, IB Chemistry 11, IB Chemistry 12
Mr. S. Marshall – Oceanography, E. Science
Ms. S. Wells – Earth Science
Mrs. A. Bailey – Oceanography, Honors Earth Science
Ms. P. Wilson – Biology, H. Biology
Ms. K. Albarracin – E. Science


Mr. S. Graham – AP Calculus, IB Mathematics 12, IB Mathematics 11, IB Physics
Ms. T. Copeland – Algebra I
Ms. S. Coppedge – Math Analysis, Algebra I
Mr. B. Ford – Pre-IB/Honors Algebra II, Pre-IB/Honors Geometry
Ms. A. Graven – Geometry
 – Algebra II, Algebra I
Ms. P. Makarsky – Algebra I, Geometry Lab, Algebra I Lab
 – Algebra Functions and Data Analysis
Ms. E. Muranyi – Algebra II, Physics
Mr. A. Pancoast – Probability and Statistics, Geometry
Mr. J. Payton – Algebra II, Algebra Functions and Data Analysis
Mr. D. Pine – IB Math Studies 12, IB Math Studies 11, Pre-IB/Honors Algebra II, IB Extended Essay
Ms. S. Proctor – Geometry

Foreign Language

Ms. K. Seavey – Pre IB French 2, Pre IB French 3, IB French 11, IB French 12, TOK
Ms. M. Ojeda-Rivera – Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 4, Honors Spanish 5, IB Span. 4, 5
Ms. K. Annon - Spanish 2, Spanish 3
Ms. K. Anderson – Sign Language 1, Sign Language 2, Sign Language 3
– Spanish 1, Spanish 2
– Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Ms. R. Patton - French 1,  French 2,  French 3, French 4
Ms. K. Byrnes – Pre-IB Spanish 2,  Pre-IB Spanish 3
Ms. E. Manning     – Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 3, Latin 4

Physical Education

Mr. R. Froemel – PE 10, Advanced PE, Adaptive PE
Ms. K. Beodecker- PE 10
Ms. T. Holloman- PE 9
Mr. J. Jones – PE 9
Mr. J. Worrell – PE 10

Career & Technical Education

                           –  Technology Foundations, Technology Transfer
Mr. J. Xenakis – Agriculture
Ms. S. Copeland – Economics & Personal Finance, Accounting
Ms. C. Crandol – Education for Employment 1, 2, Economics & Personal Finance
Mr. S. Miller – Economics & Personal  Finance
Ms. R. Jones – Health Occupations
– Fashion Marketing, Marketing
Ms. K. Lowe – Engineering Drawing, Computer Animation
Ms. R. Whitley – Resource Management, Life Planning
Ms. E. Cross- Keyboarding, Economics & Personal Finance, Word Processing
Mr. T. Gidley – Basic Technical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Communication Systems
Ms. R. Townsend  – Economics & Personal Finance, Business Law
Ms. L. Stehman- Food/Hospitality, Resource Management
Ms. A. Harris - Credit Recovery/Alternative Education

Fine Arts

Ms. A. Johnson – Art 1, 2, 3, 4
Ms. S. Jordan – Orchestra
Ms. S. Phillips – Chorus
Mr. B. Bradley- Band, IB Music
Ms. S. Gwaltney – Art 1,  IB Art 11/12

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)

Lt Col Harris – Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
MSgt Chatman – Aerospace Science Instructor

Special Education

Ms. J. Baker – Inclusion Science
– Inclusion English
– Inclusion History, Personal Living and Finance, Skill Support
Ms. T. Edwards -Inclusion History
Ms. C. Jackson – Inclusion English, Skills Support
Ms. D. Mundy – Self-Contined English, Work Transition, Skills Support
Ms. K. McDade – Inclusion History
Ms. R. Parks – Skills Support
Ms. B. White – Inclusion Science
Ms. S. Porter- Inclusion Math, Skills Support
Mr. A. Riddick – Inclusion Math, Skills Support
 – Inclusion Math, Skills Support
Mr. J. Baisden – Inclusion English, Skills Support
Ms. S. Booth-Tates – Self-Contained Math, Skills Support

Library/Media Specialists

Ms. B. Wagner
Ms. A. Callis

School Nurse

Mrs. H. Loushe

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