New Volunteer? Returning Volunteer? KFHS NEEDS YOU!

TEXT:  Did your child move to a new school this year? Do you want to try your hand at something new? Did you know? You can log into your Volunteer Connect account and edit your profile any time you want.  Change where you want to volunteer, the types of activities, your address, phone number… Anything… Anytime…
RETURNING VOLUNTEERS do NOT need to register again:
If you registered and were approved in 2015-16 through Volunteer Connect, you will be emailed on your application’s 1-year anniversary notifying you that your background check has expired and needs to be renewed. At that point, if you’d like to continue volunteering, you will need to sign back in to SPS Volunteer Connect and update your profile. There will be a mandatory question asking if you would like to continue volunteering. Please update your interest areas, as well as any changes to your contact information or schools where you’d like to volunteer.  
If you are no longer interested in volunteering, please sign in and indicate this on your profile so that we will discontinue our emails to you.


Due to new FCC regulations we must obtain parental permission once again to contact you via phone for school announcements and other information.   Please read the attached flyer and respond by September 30th if you wish to opt in for this school year.  The web address is on the flyer.

Please visit this link for more information, a short video explaining the process, and links to the School Messenger website where you will need to provide consent:

Your Choice flyer UPDATE 8-25-16

Be Recognized in our Fall Athletic Program!

Bulldog Parents and Students:

Businesses, students and parents are ALL encouraged to support Bulldog Athletics with an advertisement in the Fall Football Program.  Show your pride and support of our Bulldogs with a “Shout Out” in our Bulldog Football Program this Fall!

Our Sports Program highlights all teams in that season. Fun photos, coaches’ updates, business advertising, and parent/friend “shout outs”.

  • Business Ad prices are as follows:
  1. $50 Business Card Size Ad
  2. $75 Quarter Page Ad
  3. $150 Half page ad
  4. $200 Full page ad
  5. $100 Athlete of the Week Sponsor.  Each week we will name an athlete of the week.  For $100, your business can be the sponsor of that athlete by congratulating them with your advertisement.
  • Business Banner prices:
  1. $500 for 4’x8’ banner customized for your business to hang on the football field fence during fall and spring seasons for the current school year.  Graphics must be emailed with required specifications for printing.
  • Parent Shout Outs (parent ads for student recognition) are priced as follows:
  1. $25 for a shout out with a picture, such as happy birthday or any message with a picture, ¼ page
  2. $10 Shout out without a photo (about business card size)

Please contact Randy Jessee at if you would like to purchase an ad this year!


Concussion In Sports

Suffolk Public Schools is dedicated to providing the latest information available to parents so they can make an informed decision about their child’s academic and extra-curricular activities.  Toward that end we encourage all parents of student athletes to visit the following link and complete the concussion course found there.  This information is provided by the National Federation of High Schools.

Save Time… Save Trees eFlyers are Here!

Coming Soon to Your Fingertips

No more lost forms and balled-up flyers in the bottom of the backpack …

Suffolk Public Schools will soon be moving away from printed flyers to a new Electronic Backpack system. Each of our schools will have its own web page where school information, calendars, information from enrichment providers, and school newsletters will be posted.
The best part is that these e-flyers will also be sent directly to your email — right to your fingertips.
The school division is working with a company called Peachjar on this new green iniative. Moving to e-flyers will save our schools tons of paper, reduce copy costs by thousands of dollars, and allow our staff to spend less time making copies and more time with students.
Just before Thanksgiving, parents will receive a welcome email from Peachjar. They will provide you a User Name and Password, giving you the opportunity to manage your account and e-flyer delivery preferences. You do not need to login to Peachjar to receive or view school e-flyers. You can use the school’s Peachjar web page just as easily.
This system is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Your email address will not be shared be shared or used for any other purpose.More information about this initiative will be available soon. Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure parents are well informed.

Online Driver’s Education

Online Driver’s Education

An on-line classroom driver’s education course is available for students who do not qualify for their green cards through their Health/PE 10 classes. This class is taken at the student’s own expense outside of the school. The cost of this course as of January 2014 is $109.00. The student is responsible for paying for the course.

To register for the online course, go to the website  and follow the registration steps listed.

When you finish the course, contact your counselor to set up a time to take your final test.