Sports Physical Information

  Sports Physicals

Sports physicals will be held at the following locations on the following dates.  This physical will cover your student athlete for the summer conditioning and tryouts and for the upcoming school year.

All physicals will be held at 5:30, cost: $10.  You must bring a physical form that you can print off of the VHSL website.  Middle school students must have a parent with them.


July 25th at KFHS

Back to School Road Reminders!

Back-to-School Lesson for Motorists … Keep our children safe when they are getting on and off the school bus. Motorists can be charged with Reckless Driving and get 6 demerit points on their DMV record if they pass a stopped school bus that has fl ashing red lights and an extended stop sign.
bus media
This safety message is sponsored by the Transportation Department of Suffolk Public Schools.

New Volunteer? Returning Volunteer? KFHS NEEDS YOU!

TEXT:  Did your child move to a new school this year? Do you want to try your hand at something new? Did you know? You can log into your Volunteer Connect account and edit your profile any time you want.  Change where you want to volunteer, the types of activities, your address, phone number… Anything… Anytime…
RETURNING VOLUNTEERS do NOT need to register again:
If you registered and were approved in 2015-16 through Volunteer Connect, you will be emailed on your application’s 1-year anniversary notifying you that your background check has expired and needs to be renewed. At that point, if you’d like to continue volunteering, you will need to sign back in to SPS Volunteer Connect and update your profile. There will be a mandatory question asking if you would like to continue volunteering. Please update your interest areas, as well as any changes to your contact information or schools where you’d like to volunteer.  
If you are no longer interested in volunteering, please sign in and indicate this on your profile so that we will discontinue our emails to you.


Due to new FCC regulations we must obtain parental permission once again to contact you via phone for school announcements and other information.   Please read the attached flyer and respond by September 30th if you wish to opt in for this school year.  The web address is on the flyer.

Please visit this link for more information, a short video explaining the process, and links to the School Messenger website where you will need to provide consent:

Your Choice flyer UPDATE 8-25-16